what to avoid for your healthiest week

All of the family, friends, food, and activities can be super overwhelming. Let's review some things I recommend you AVOID for your "healthiest" week.

1) skipping meals to "save up" for bigger meals later

2) missing out on foods you love because they're "unhealthy"

3) forcing your workout or sweat session

Did I surprise you there?

This week can certainly feel like A LOT and it's vital that you continue nourishing - physically + mentally - with all of the things going on. I'm sharing these tips because they've helped me to enjoy the food-centered time with family + friends - a space we'll find ourselves in throughout the remainder of this calendar year.

So, why are these my recommended items to avoid?

I used to think that skipping meals would balance my food intake by the end of the day or week. In reality, that's not how it works. Rather, try to tune into your body, settle + breathe, as you enjoy meals. This takes practice, so have patience with yourself, and if you end up feeling 'stuffed,' that's totally ok! The same goes for skipping out on your favorite foods because you've deemed them "unhealthy." Trust me, it's most fulfilling to enjoy + eat all of your favorite foods than it is to skip them and want them later.

Movement! We definitely hear things that I cannot stand to hear this week - whether it's comments about peoples' bodies or what they're eating or any number of other unwarranted topics about food + exercise. If you love running your Turkey Trot 5K or having a gym/cardio session - go.for.it. If that's not really your thing, then don't! What's most important is to listen to what your body wants + needs and move in a way that feels not only good, but great! That might be your Turkey Trot, weights, yoga, dancing, a walk (inside or outside), grooving in the kitchen, the possibilities are limitless, just be sure you enjoy it!

I hope this is helpful for you. Reach out if you would like support over the next few days (via DM); I'm here for you!

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