frequently asked questions

what are melissa's credentials?

melissa currently works as a health + wellness coach. she recently completed a master's of science degree in human nutrition from the university of bridgeport. she will sit for the certified nutrition specialist (cns) exam in december 2021, and is actively obtaining clinical hours to meet the requirements to be a fully certified cns. with her current education and under Julie Wendt's supervision, melissa utilizes evidence-based strategies to address client food-related, lifestyle, and mindfulness behaviors. in addition to her immediate credentialing journey, she is dedicated to lifelong learning and is always reading and/or taking continuing education courses to further expand her understanding of health + wellness. at this time, she works under the supervision of Julie Wendt, LDN, CNS. they meet periodically to review current clients and suggested health + wellness plans. melissa holds a registered yoga teacher - 200 (ryt-200) certification and cpr training.

how much does it cost?

barriers to health + wellness must be addressed and eMpower is here to work with you. all pricing is subject to discounts based on client need, circumstance, and any current plans. 30-minute consultation, $30 3-month basic plan, start at $125/mo 6-month basic plan, start at $150/mo virtual yoga sesh, start at $12 add-on services, start at $80 interested in meeting by the hour rather than a plan? my hourly rate starts at $100.

how do i get started?

start by scheduling your 30-minute consultation with melissa. together, we'll determine your most appropriate journey forward with the ultimate goal of co-curating sustainable habits that best meet your unique nutritional + performance needs. there is no one-size-fits all health + wellness journey at eMpower. you must recognize your own concern + have a desire to learn more.

i don't have time to cook, will these plans work for me?

it's common to hear the phrase 'i don't have time for that,' especially these days where our attention is being pulled in a million directions each moment of the day. it's also true that everyone is busy to their own capacity. health + wellness, though, can be seamlessly built into your daily life. melissa works with your personal capacities and personalizes each plan to best suit you in your day-to-day life. in each add-on service, melissa offers options that might be great for you! check out her guided grocery shop + meal prep preparedness add-on services.

what's a performance athlete?

a variety of people can fall into this category including and not limited to dancers, yogis, runners, weight lifters, gymnasts, team sports players, and more! really anyone who requires energy to move + groove and feel good about themselves.