eMpower performance
extra plan

initial 24-week journey

Your performance includes more than what an audience sees onstage or spectators witness on the field. We address all aspects of what makes you the performance athlete you are, beyond food choice + related behaviors.

Opting into an eMpower performance plan provides session scheduling priority, ongoing support, discounted services, and more. Scroll down for more.





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what's included?

initial intake consultation + nutritional physical exam

This initial conversation takes, on average, 75-minutes to complete and includes a 30-minute summary debrief session about a week later. The initial intake includes a full intake of information where I learn about you; your histories, your experience, a typical week of behaviors, your goals, and whatever else may arise during our time together. A Nutritional Physical Exam (NPE) is an observational exam that checks for visible signs of nutrient imbalances that can further inform your eMpowered plan, specifically regarding food choice + variety. We'll schedule your 30-minute follow-up session at the end of your Intake + NPE.

custom eMpowered plan

60-minute sessions + accountability maximum 24 sessions

Your prioritized sessions and accountability occur on your schedule and however works best for you.

custom session summaries + shared resources

quarterly-plan evaluation

Every six-weeks, we'll check-in to see how you're doing, feeling, and experiencing your eMpowered plan. Your plan is completely flexible and malleable during your 24-week plan and this is a time for re-evaluation and to see, if any, adjustment or redirection may be necessary to move forward.

discounted services

Your plan's discounts are unique for you! Choose from up to 3 of the below:

  • 2-week schedule planning support

  • grocery shop

  • discounted functional lab results analysis and observations

  • discounted virtual yoga sesh

  • 4, 30-minute private yoga/mindfulness sesh

Everything included in this eMpower plan is subject to change based on the unique needs of each client. Session timing and inclusion of services are variable