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eMpower your performance

the first step can be the most difficult.

let's take it together.

during your 15-minute strategy call, we'll discuss

your goals

your challenges

your eMpowered options

the eMpowered client experience

One of the things I'm most excited about is the freedom I have found.

— one-on-one coaching client


Working with Melissa, I feel like I have learned and started to internalize that food + nutrition habits don't have to be perfect everyday. It's about consistency over time, not perfection.

— one-on-one coaching client

your eMpowered options


eMpower performance plans are your option for ongoing nutrition support.


the plan you choose will include:

  • initial intake + nutritional physical exam

  • custom eMpowered plan

  • check-in + accountability sessions

  • session summaries + shared resources

  • and more!

the eMpower performance approach

Just like your performance is three-dimensional, your health + wellness is more than simply what foods you eat. At eMpower performance, we address all aspects of what makes you the performance athlete you are, both on- and off-stage.


food is more than just fuel for your moving body.

how do you approach and eat during mealtime?

do you love the foods that fill your day?






the act of nourishing or being nourished


how do you move your body?

how often do you move?

do you enjoy how you move?

do you take days off?

how does cross-training support your movement?






the act of changing position

med_res (1).jpg


how does work, performance, etc. impact your mind?

how is your sleep quality + quantity?

How is stress impacting your week?

Does your schedule support your wellbeing?