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nutrition [noo-trish-uhn] noun

the act of nourishing or being nourished


for perforMing athletes, discussions about nutrition and foods vital to health + well being are often neglected in the studio.

fueling with proper food + nutrition is undoubtedly connected to a dancer's optiMal perforMance + dance longevity, energy levels, stamina, and injury prevention/occurrence. 

how can you start the conversation?

it can be confusing to embark on your wellness journey solo because of vast aMounts of conflicting dietary inforMation available on the internet.

at this point, you've taken the first step: acknowledged your concern.


It's tiMe to schedule your initial consultation with Melissa. be eMpowered by your self-driven interest and know that the first ingredient required to analyze your nutrition status is a desire to know More.

not sure yet?

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body | Mind | soul

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learning never ends

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