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nutrition fuels your performance

But there's so much contradictory information out there that it's difficult to determine what's best for you.

What's correct and how can it eMpower your performance?

the method

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Your dancing embodies more than simply what the audience sees. You put in hours of class + rehearsal to showcase your performance onstage.

The eMpower performance method is a 360-degree approach that informs all aspects of a dancer's health + wellbeing. It includes considering habits + behaviors related to




Hi, I'm Melissa!

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I've been right where you are, confused and inundated with "helpful" nutrition information. Most of it is contradictory but all of it claims to fuel and improve your performance both on- and offstage.

After years of professional training and working with clients, I know we can find the solution that works best for YOU!

schedule your strategy call with me today and let's eMpower your performance together.
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